HP Omnicept

HP Omnicept is a business oriented version of HP Reverb G2 (its full name is HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition), with some additional features (G2 standard edition features here):

  • Eye-tracking capability (allowing foveated rendering)
  • Face-tracking capability (camera aimed at your mouth)
  • Heart sensor (optical PPG)
  • Head strap with a knob on the back (standing out, so trying to rest the head on something will probably be quite uncomfortable)
  • SDK including machine-learning based algorithms for processing the data

Do I want HP Omnicept?

For HP Omnicept’s extra features to be of any use to you, they would need to be supported by game developers. There is a possibility that it will happen and we will get foveated rendering and face tracking support for your games, but since it will be more business-targetted and probably quite expensive, it will definitely not happen right away.

So for now, there’s not much point getting hyped about it for us. It’s a big thing and it will be awesome, but we will probably not get to enjoy it anytime soon.

Can I buy HP Omnicept?

HP Omnicept is to be released on Spring 2021. It will be available for consumers, too. The price is not set yet.

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