Prescription lenses

If you have a visual impairment, there are three ways you can go:


You can still wear glasses under your headset, although some glasses might be too big or it might not work well with your head shape. If you don’t have huge glasses, you are usually fine. Just be careful not to scratch your lenses (both glasses and the headset).

Generally the maximum width of the glasses that can fit comfortably in the headset is around 14.3 cm (or 5.63 in).

Contact lenses

G2 can be used with contact lenses with absolutely no problems. If you are using them, you’re completely fine.

Prescription lenses inserts

You can also order prescription lenses that are made specifically to be inserted in your headset. This is the most comfortable way if you don’t want to use contact lenses and if you’re the only one using the headset (so you don’t have to remove them every time other people want to play).

These lenses must be made specifically for the G2, prescription lenses for other headsets will not fit.

Companies that make prescription lenses for the G2:

  • VR Optician
    • From 69 EUR
    • Shipping from EU/Germany worldwide
    • 70 USD
    • Shipping from US worldwide
    • Magnetic
    • From 50 USD, goes quickly up with (any) dioptries
    • Shipping from Hong Kong worldwide