Accessories overview

Gasket/facial interfaces

Getting a 3rd party gasket can have following advantages:

  • Multiple cushions – 3rd party gaskets usually have removable cushions (usually secured on the gasket by velcro). This means that you can easily swap cushions for hygienic reasons when they get sweaty or when another person wants to use the headser. You can also experiment with various cushion thicknesses to find the best fit for you.
  • Comfort – The original g2 gasket is too narrow for a lot of people, causing pressure on their temples from the sides. Getting a gasket for wider heads can remove the pressure and increase overall comfort.
  • FOV & sweet spot improvement – The original g2 gasket puts your eyes relatively far from the lenses. Some 3rd party gaskets reduce this distance, increasing field of view and improving sweet spot (area where the vision is sharpest) for some people.
  • G2 Gasket by 3DWard Printing
    • Wider than the original gasket.
    • Closer to the lenses -> more FOV.
    • Magnets & velcro included, cushions available too.
    • Includes rubber (TPU) nose flaps to prevent light leakage.
    • US based, shipping worldwide.
  • VRCover facial interface for Reverb G2
    • Pleather cushions.
    • Includes two cushions with different thicknesses.
    • Same shape and distance as the original gasket -> does not improve FOV, still pressure on the temples for some people.
  • There’s plenty of 3D printable gasket designs. We have a channel on our discord server where people are offering to print for others.

Controllers & controller accessories

  1. Controllers will be sold separately eventually.
  2. The headset should be backwards compatible with old WMR controllers and the controllers should be backwards compatible with older headsets.
  3. If you have the money, you can make the headset work with Valve Knuckles/Index Controllers.
  4. While not being exactly a controller accessory, DecaMove adds more intuitive control over your VR character. It should release very soon.


Controller grips

  • Mamut V1 grips have confirmed fit for Reverb G2. People have some issues with their ergonomics though.

Gun stocks

Lens covers

3D Printable accessories

Other accessories

  • I can recommend getting yourselves some sort of a floor mat (I’ve been using these foam puzzle pieces for little children) – it’s very comfortable to play on, plus id also doubles as a guardian system (you can feel with your feet when you’re going outside of the safe zone as you’re stepping out of the floor mat).
Foam floor mat
  • HP has provided CAD models of the headset to interested parties under NDA. We can expect companies to make accessories for the G2 available soon after release.
  • List of accessories provided by Mamut (controller grips, gun stock).