3D printable accessories

Hey, here we will share various stuff you can 3D print for your G2.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can use some of the 3D printing services or ask around on our discord, we have a #3d-print-requests channel exactly for that with people offering printing for others (see pinned post in the channel).

HP has released the official CAD files of the G2. Available for download here.

Cable clips

  • Cable clip by Danol
    • Unlike the original one, this one holds the cable in place and prevents sliding it inside the clip.
    • Useful when you don’t want the cable to end up pulling on the connector/on the right side of the headset.
  • Upwards cable clip by Danol
    • Directs the cable from the back center upwards
    • Useful for pulley systems.
    • Use together with the standard cable clip.

Face gaskets

There seems to be a lot of gaskets available on Thingiverse now, so I’m putting only a few of them here.

  • DNLGasket by Danol
    • Wider than the original (reduces pressing on the temples)
    • 5 mm closer to the lenses (also depends on the cushion used) – increases FOV.
    • Supportless.
    • Parametric open-source (you can change distance from lenses, magnet size, head shape, …).
    • Includes nose guard & TPU-printable nose flaps (also template for cutting the nose flaps from rubber).

Controller mods

Lens adapters

  • Lens bumper by Jewcookie
    • A safety feature for people who use glasses with the headset. Prevents the glasses from getting too close and scratching the lenses.

Head strap accesories


  • There’s plenty of controller stands to choose from, as the controller rings are the same across all WMR controllers, I liked these controller wall mounts for example.

Gun stocks