Setting up for the best clarity

There seems to be a lot of people complaining that the G2 has a small sweet spot (sweet spot = area where the image is sharp). Following the steps mentioned in this article should help you achieving the best clarity possible.

Cudos to Felix for putting together this tutorial.

  1. Check your SteamVR resolution. You might need to set it to 100 % (it is more than the G2 display resolution on purpose – it needs more resolution to correct for the lens distortion) to achieve the best results.
  2. Loosen all three straps and flip the back of the headset up.
  3. Hold the HMD against your face and align the lenses to your eyes.
  4. Move the lenses around until the drop off in clarity when you move your eyes is uniform.
    • Adjust the headset both vertically and horizontally. Do a several iterations of adjusting until you get the best results. Also try adjusting the angle of the headset on your face.
    • Human faces are not completely symmetric, so your pupils distance from your nose might not be the same. This could cause eye strain due to non-uniform sweet spot positioning if the headset is not adjusted to account for the difference.
    • One way to do so is using the SteamVR popularity chart that is on your right when you boot up into SteamVR:
      • Focus both of your eyes at the text in the center table and move your headset around until it is the most clear part you can see.
      • Close both eyes one by one and make micro adjustments to the headset positioning so that the text on the tables to the side is uniformly blurred for both the eyes.
  1. Slide the straps over your head and tighten them up while making sure the lenses don’t move.
  2. Move the IPD slider at the bottom right of the headset around. You will notice the blur dropping off. Stop at the point where the clarity at the edges feels the most it can go. Your eyes will take a few seconds to adjust to this change.
    • You might find the IPD reading you just got slightly different than the one you actually have. People have reported setting the IPD slider a few millimetres above your actual IPD seems to result in better clarity. Find the point where you get the best clarity while taking care about keeping your eye strain minimal.
  3. All done. You should be set.

3D printable accessories

Hey, here we will share various stuff you can 3D print for your G2.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can use some of the 3D printing services or ask around on our discord, we have a #3d-print-requests channel exactly for that with people offering printing for others (see pinned post in the channel).

HP has released the official CAD files of the G2. Available for download here.

Cable clips

  • Cable clip by Danol
    • Unlike the original one, this one holds the cable in place and prevents sliding it inside the clip.
    • Useful when you don’t want the cable to end up pulling on the connector/on the right side of the headset.
  • Upwards cable clip by Danol
    • Directs the cable from the back center upwards
    • Useful for pulley systems.
    • Use together with the standard cable clip.

Face gaskets

There seems to be a lot of gaskets available on Thingiverse now, so I’m putting only a few of them here.

  • DNLGasket by Danol
    • Wider than the original (reduces pressing on the temples)
    • 5 mm closer to the lenses (also depends on the cushion used) – increases FOV.
    • Supportless.
    • Parametric open-source (you can change distance from lenses, magnet size, head shape, …).
    • Includes nose guard & TPU-printable nose flaps (also template for cutting the nose flaps from rubber).

Controller mods

Lens adapters

  • Lens bumper by Jewcookie
    • A safety feature for people who use glasses with the headset. Prevents the glasses from getting too close and scratching the lenses.

Head strap accesories


  • There’s plenty of controller stands to choose from, as the controller rings are the same across all WMR controllers, I liked these controller wall mounts for example.

Gun stocks

HP & Microsoft To-Do list

Yo, this is a post of no greater meaning, just me vomiting down what HP and Microsoft should do to make our lives better.

If you have any more ideas, feel free to contact me, I’ll add it.

Reddit discussion thread here.


  • Improve tracking algorithms, especially prediction algorithms for when controllers are outside the tracking volume.
    • Tapping’s video very nicely illustrates comparison of Quest vs G2 tracking and displays the situations where the WMR tracking could be improved.
  • Improve boundary setup – make it point & draw like Oculus has it.
  • Fix the power saving mode voltage threshold.
    • Enable disabling the power saving mode altogether.
    • Add an option to select which batteries are in the controllers so the threshold is set correctly.
    • Do you realize many people have to spend like 40 USD for special special batteries just because you have that voltage threshold set too high, Microsoft?
  • External tracking camera support – see below.
  • Provide metrics for improving the tracking quality – stuff like how much light there is in the room, if there is enough detail in the room, is there anything flickering etc.
    • Display a notification if the metrics are outside the optimal zone.
    • Show realtime values for the metrics granting users direct feedback, allowing them to optimize their room.
  • Add possibility to configure brightness, saturation and contrast for the heeadset.
  • Allow to jump directly to SteamVR without even seeing WMR home.
  • Add support for more compact tracking rings.
  • Make a software tool that would allow users to easily find out their IPD. I think I remember my CV1 had something with horizontal lines that guided me to the up/down placement on my face and vertical lines that guided me to my IPD.

HP / 3rd party

  • Make better controllers
    • Can be sold separately, should be compatible with all WMR headsets.
    • Better haptic feedback
    • Capacitive buttons, ideally per-finger tracking
    • Single battery should be enough πŸ˜€ And not require 1.5V batteries.
  • Headset accessories
    • Leather face mask – Done!
    • Thinner face gasket – Done in G2V2!
  • For future headsets
    • More cameras/better angles? – Cameras at better angles added for G2V2!
    • Maybe add headphone jack on the headset?
    • Maybe add usb hub on the headset?
    • Wider IPD range
    • Tighter IPD slider
  • Wireless

Microsoft – External tracking cameras support

This topic got so extensive I’ve made a separate section for it.

The base of this request is to allow customers to buy additional external cameras they could put in the room that would improve tracking. These cameras would work together with the cameras on the headset.

What would this improve/allow?

  • Drastically increase the tracking volume of any WMR headset. With multiple cameras, there could be zero blind spots.
  • Reduce controller occlusion problems. No janky weapons aiming anymore.
  • Allow support for custom trackers (body tracking or any arbitrary object tracking). Those could be battery powered boxes similar to Vive trackers.
  • If the external camera would be a Kinect camera, it could potentially allow full body tracking even without the custom trackers.

How it could be implemented/achieved?

This description is for people who say it’s impossible. You guys at Microsoft should know better πŸ˜› Make sure it’s automatic calibration running on background though!

  • Both the camera and the headset know positions of the controllers relative to them. So by cross referencing where the controllers are relative to the camera and the headset, you can deduce where the camera is relative to the headset.
  • This can be done as a totally automatic background calibration step. The software tracks the controllers from the headset and the camera perspective independently for a few seconds, then cross references the tracking data and deduces camera position in the room.
  • Headset always knows it position relative to the room and we can assume that the position of the camera doesn’t change. If it changes, it can automatically recalibrate again.
  • Plus they could also try matching room features between the HMD cameras and the external camera.
  • You can simply not use data from the external camera until it’s fully automatically calibrated.

Echo In The Blues

Download link [MP3]


Band name: We Made This Before Our G2s Came

Drums, guitar & postproduction: Badfish
Lyrics, singing & keyboard: Danol
Bass: Wintermute

Done in half a day, over half the globe.


Echo β†’ Reverb. Get it?

Echo in the room
echoes in the name of the dream

we’re stuck waiting
waiting way longer than it seems

Echo in the wind
echoes in the name of the curse

blinded by the time
we’ve got nothing left but slurs.

Just take my money
take it away from me!

Just take my money
while I have some for you.

Echo in the air
echoes in the name of the blues

I hope I don’t get something
that I’ll never ever use.

Echo in the sound
bursting through my eardrums

making this song
this is how cool are your fans!

Just take my money
take it away, you fools!

Just take my money
while I have some for you,

while I have some for you.

I mean it.


See also

Generally applicable tips

  • Whatever problem you’re having, try updating Windows. G2 software and drivers are updated through Windows update, so make sure you have the newest version.

Headset not working

  • Make sure the headset connector is pushed all the way in. There is a dot on the connector. When the connector is connected correctly, the dot should be right against the HMD. You only need a small force to insert the connector, it just has to be aligned properly. Wiggle it a little when inserting, try moving it up and down, left and right, also tilting it. Try different insertion angles. Just wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! If you don’t succeed, try asking someone else to try, he might wiggle it differently. When fully inserted, it should look like this:
Properly seated headset connector – the dot on the connector is right against the HMD.
  • Check if you have everything properly connected. See this post on how you should connect the headset.
  • If the recommended connection setup doesn’t work, try all USB-C and USB-A connectors on your PC.
  • If you’re using the USB-C to USB-A adapter provided with the G2, try connecting the USB-C the other way (it’s symmetrical so you can rotate it 180Β°).
  • Make sure you’re using Microsoft USB drivers. There should be “Microsoft” in the name of the “eXtensible Host Controller” device. Also just try uninstalling USB drivers and installing new ones from Windows Update.
  • There were reports of issues with X570 chipset motherboards (and some other chipsets apparently too) – HP is investigating it (HP reddit post). There should be a update fix eventually.
  • Update Windows.
  • Update your BIOS/UEFI firmware.
  • Update the Windows Mixed Reality Portal in the Microsoft Store.
  • Try disabling PCIe v4 (forcing PCIe v3 in BIOS).
  • In Device Manager β†’ Universal Serial Bus (USBs) controller go through each device and in the “Power Management Options” tab uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device”.
  • Users have reported success with using powered (and also unpowered) USB hubs or PCIe expansion cards. If you have one, try it out. If not and wouldn’t mind buying one, you can get one. No guarantees though.
  • Check Microsoft’s troubleshooting guide and error code list.

More stuff you can try:

  • Try uninstalling Asus AI Suite if you have it installed.
  • Try removing/renaming the %ProgramData%/WindowsHolographicDevices directory if things are going crazy.
  • Disable Steam Home.
  • Try enabling legacy USB support in your BIOS.

Broken cable clip

Displays going black during games

Small sweet spot, blurry/distorted image

Speakers not working properly

Joysticks sticking to the sides

  • Use a decent force to push the joysticks into the controllers a little more.

Tracking is not working well

  • Make sure your room is lit just enough. You can check this by using the flashlight mode in the headset, looking around and veryfing that the cameras don’t see the room too dark and that they are not overblown by any light sources.
  • The tracking algorithm needs clearly visible edges for proper tracking. Make sure your room is not just uniform color all around. Adding furniture, pictures, etc helps. You can also just print out some black cross markers and put them around. Or let your kids run around with a sharpie.
  • Check that your controllers batteries are charged. For proper function, the controllers need 1.5V batteries (see battery buying guide).
  • Try covering reflective surfaces like mirrors.
  • Try avoiding using white lights – switch to warm lights/different color altogether.
  • Try connecting the headset to different USB ports on your computer.
  • Make sure you’re not in an elevator (based on Microsoft guide).
  • Check that the headset cameras are not dirty. You can clean them using a dry microfiber cloth.
  • See official Microsoft tracking conditions guide
  • See Tapping’s video on tracking properties, limitations and tracking volume

Bad performance

Shipping & distributor updates

This article contains updates and announcements from various distributors. See also the shipping statistics post.

Folks, please don’t call/email the distributors. First, you’re keeping the operators busy for people that actually need some info/help, second, the person you’re talking with usually doesn’t know anyway.

Distributors & general public, if you wish to disclose some info on this page, feel free to contact me on Discord (Danol#2663; preferred way) or Reddit (u/TheOnlyDanol). You can also use the shipping report form.

Please note that shipping from the factory to distributors takes ~10 days.

Do not post your order number or headset serial number anywhere!

HP Statements & updates

  • 2021-01-11 (around-ish)
    • All preorders shipped from HP factories (units that the distributors ordered before HP started shipping), now starting to ship to wider range of distributors.
  • 2020-12-17 [reddit]
    • All preorders (preoder cutoff depends on the distributor) will be shipped from the factory before 2021. Most pending preorders will be shipped this week.
    • First shipments arriving to Spain confirmed.
    • All French preorders arrived to France.
  • 2020-11-30: European discount
    • According to the official HP Germany statement, all customers from Bestware, HPStore, 0815 and Brack that preordered until 2020-09-24 can apply for 50 € cashback on their preorders.
    • Amazon Spain has also been sending emails providing customers 50 € discount on their preorders (rules for that are not public)
  • 2020-11-25 [reddit]: AMA thread
    • Pending update on Amazon ES and Amazon AE
    • Investigating controller haptics issues
  • 2020-11-20 [reddit]: Joanna’s reddit post referencing the press release
    • Also some troubleshooting tips and problem updates
  • 2020-11-20 [website]: Press release
    • Some preorders before 2020-09-24 will not be delivered in November due to reasons.
    • They apologized for units getting into retail in Australia before the preorders were fulfilled.
  • 2020-11-13 [reddit]: Shipping & troubleshooting update
    • Started shipping the headsets. Orders after 2020-11-13 to be delivered next year.
    • Tips: update windows, do not disconnect the headset connector
    • If your cable clip broke, let them know, they’ll send a replacement
    • Recommended to use the power adapter as the on/off switch, keep the USB and DP connected to the PC.
    • Displays can show a little ghosting for a few minutes until they warm up.
    • If the speakers are goofy, try removing and reconnecting them.
  • 2020-11-07 [youtube from 51:30]: Joanna Popper and John Ludwig on Cofee & VR stream talking about G2
  • 2020-10-27 [reddit]: Production update
    • Production started
    • Preorders until 2020-10-27 should get delivered between early/mid November and end of December. New preorders after 2020-10-27 would be delivered in January.
  • 2020-09-24 [website]: Press release

North America

  • (US) Connection
    • 2020-12-22 [email]
      • Preorders prior to 2020-10-25 scheduled to ship this year.
      • Orders after 2020-10-25 scheduled to ship from January.
    • 2020-12-09 [reddit]
      • Receiving batches from HP weekly.
      • Preorders prior to 2020-10-25 to be shipped by the end of 2020.
      • Orders after 2020-10-25 to be shipped in January 2021.
    • 2020-11-18 [reddit]
      • Orders placed before 2020-10-25 to be shipped by the end of December. They are receiving regular shipments so it will be probably sooner.
    • 2020-11-12
      • First customers report receiving headsets.
    • 2020-11-11 [reddit]
      • Users reporting receiving shipping numbers.
    • 2020-11-11 [reddit]
      • Reportedly received stock and starting shipping to customers.
    • 2020-11-10 [reddit]
      • They expect first small batch this week.
  • (US) B&H Photo Video
    • 2020-11-29 [reddit]
      • Next batch expected by 2021-01-08.
    • 2020-11-13 [reddit]
      • Customers report receiving a tracking number.
  • (US) Microsoft
    • 2020-11-14 [reddit]
      • Deliveries delayed to January 2021. Customers receive a 50 USD voucher for future purchases.
  • (Canada) HP Canada
    • 2020-11-25 [HP AMA]
      • Pending shipping update
    • 2020-11-11 [reddit]
      • First batch reported to be received by the distributor.
  • (Canada) PC Canada
    • 2020-11-11
      • First customers report receiving headsets.
    • 2020-11-11 [reddit]
      • Customers reported receiving tracking numbers.
    • 2020-11-10 [reddit]
      • First batch to be received to the distributor in December.
  • (Canada) CDW
    • 2020-11-10
      • First unit received report
  • (Canada) GamerCan
    • 2020-11-11
      • First customers report receiving headsets.
    • 2020-11-11 [facebook]
      • Customer reports receiving a shipping notice (west coast)


  • (EU/Germany) Bestware
    • 2020-11-25 [official announcement]
      • Batches are now coming in regularly. Check Bestware’s official thread for up-to-date info.
    • 2020-11-24 [official announcement]
      • Bestware should start receiving a constant inflow of units.
      • All preorders until early November to be fulfilled this year.
    • 2020-11-17 [official announcement]
      • No units shipped from the HP factory yet. HP provides no further info.
    • 2020-11-10
      • First batch delayed by 1 week (now by 2020-11-21).
    • 2020-11-03 [official announcement]
      • First batch for 13% of the preorders (preordered until 2020-07-08 09:27) expected to arrive by 2020-11-15.
  • (EU/Spain) Amazon ES/Spain
    • 2021-01-11
      • There seems to have been some hiccup with the Amazon system not sending out cashback, should be fixed now – many people reporting getting cashback notice e-mails.
    • 2020-12-28
      • August preorders are getting charged and shipped.
    • 2020-12-21
      • Some units received
      • Looks like August preorders (except the really early ones) won’t get the headset this year.
    • 2020-12-17 [reddit]
      • First preorders arrived to Spain.
      • Some people report getting charged.
    • 2020-12-05 [reddit]
      • All remaining preorders before 2020-11-01 to be shipped to Amazon by mid December (some already have been shipped and are on the way).
      • Please keep in mind that some units already have been shipped to Amazon, as was confirmed more than a week ago. So it is NOT like everything will be shipped in the one big batch in mid December.
    • 2020-11-30 [reddit]
      • No information about estimated delivery
      • Customers who received the email will receive a 50 € discount due to long waiting.
    • 2020-11-27 [reddit]
      • HP confirmed units have been shipped to Amazon ES. No info from Amazon on what preorders is it enough for or when they will start shipping them.
    • 2020-11-15 [HP AMA]
      • HP team is working on a shipping update.
    • 2020-11-24 [reddit]
      • Not providing any meaningful info so far :/
    • 2020-11-10
      • Sent an email stating that the delivery has been delayed and that emails will be sent when a new date is set.
    • 2020-11-06 [discord]
      • Expecting to receive first batch by the end of November.
  • (UK) SystemActive
    • 2020-12-21 [reddit]
      • HP provides cashback for preorders between 2020-11-30 and 2021-01-31.
      • SystemActive apparently created a whole website for it.
    • 2020-12-08 [reddit]
      • Expected delivery to customers 2020-12-15 (for those who were expecting delivery on 2020-12-10).
      • Talking with HP about compensation program (possibly 50 € cashback like many retailers in the Europe)
    • 2020-11-27 [reddit]
      • First units received by the distributor.
    • 2020-11-19 [reddit, later officially]
      • Preorders till 2020-07-31 to be received by customers on 2020-12-01
      • Prorders till 2020-10-30 to be received by customers on 2020-12-10.
    • 2020-11-13 [reddit]
      • Shipment from the factory confirmed, expected to be delivered to consumers (for everyone who preordered before 2020-08-01) by 2020-11-30.
    • 2020-11-10 [reddit]
      • First shipment from the factory to be 2020-11-13.
  • (Austria) -unknown-
    • 2020-11-10 [reddit]
      • Expected to receive two shipments, one at the end of November, one early December.
  • (Czechia/Slovakia) HPMarket/HPObchod
    • 2020-12-08 [reddit]
      • Expected delivery from factory on 2021-01-23.
    • 2020-11-11 [reddit]
      • Deliveries delayed to January.
    • 2020-11-10 [reddit]
      • Expected to receive stock for orders placed before 2020-10-10 last week of November or first week of December.
  • (France) HP France
    • 2020-12-14 [email]
      • ETA preorders changed from January to 2020-03-24
  • (Germany) HP Germany
    • 2020-11-30 [reddit]
      • According to HP DE statement, preorders prior to 2020-09-24 can apply for a 50 EUR cashback.
    • 2020-11-25 [reddit]
      • Distributor received first units and is sending them out to the customers.
  • (Netherlands/Belgium) UnboundVR
    • 2021-02-18 [reddit/official update]
      • Preorders fulfilled, now in stock.
    • 2020-12-02 [reddit/official update]
      • UnboundVR reports having shipped all preorders before 2020-11-21.
      • Next shipping expected at the end of December.
      • 20% discount on cable management systems: HP-KAB-REV-MAN
    • 2020-11-29 [reddit]
      • Batch for orders until 2020-11-21 should arrive around 2020-12-04.
    • 2020-11-20 [official announcement]
      • First batch arrived, covers 12 % of preorders (most of before August). Shipping early next week.
      • All preorders might be delivered this year.
    • 2020-11-16 [distributor]
      • First batch is expected around 2020-11-20. It will fulfill first 10 % of preorders.
    • 2020-11-10 [reddit]
      • They don’t know.
  • (Netherlands/Benelux) De Rekenwinkel
    • 2020-11-24
      • First units received by customers.
    • 2020-11-24 [reddit]
      • First 300 units shipped.
    • 2020-11-20 [reddit]
      • First batch arrived, shipping 2020-11-20 or 2020-11-23.
    • 2020-11-10 [reddit]
      • First batch to be received around 2020-11-19.
  • (Poland) X-Kom
    • 2020-10-20 [pm/customer email]
      • They expect first batch around 2020-11-30.
  • (Spain) Invelon
    • 2020-11-27 [email]
      • First two batches expected to be shipped from the factory on 2020-12-09 and 2020-12-18.
  • (Sweden)
    • 2020-11-11 [reddit]
      • Reportedly delayed until 2020-12-14.
  • (Sweden/Norway)
    • 2020-11-17 [website]
      • Website now says units are expected to be received 2021-02-18 (uncertain date).
    • 2020-11-17 [reddit]
      • Delayed (no further info).
    • 2020-11-16 [reddit]
      • First batch expected

Australia/New Zealand

  • HP Australia
    • 2020-11-18 [call]
      • Another batch expected to arrive 2020-11-24. Deliveries expected to happen around 2020-11-27.
    • 2020-11-13 [reddit]
      • Further deliveries might be delayed.
    • 2020-11-12 [reddit]
      • They expect multiple deliveries in the upcoming weeks.
    • 2020-11-10
      • Customers report receiving first units. Latest preorder date reported is 2020-09-16.
  • (New Zealand) Computer Lounge
    • 2020-12-10 [reddit]
      • Expected to receive stock around 2020-12-16.


  • (Hong Kong) -unknown-
    • 2020-11-10 [reddit]
      • Delivery of the first batch to Hong Kong scheduled to 2020-11-16.
  • (India) HP India
    • 2020-11-13 [reddit]
      • Customer (who ordered 2020-10-06) reports receiving a shipping notice.
    • 2020-11-11
      • Units to be delivered last week of November.
  • (Japan) HP Japan
    • 2020-11-24 [reddit]
      • First batch to arrive 2020-11-26.

Middle east

  • (Turkey) Hepsiburada
    • Please note that Hepsiburada’s G2s are sold with controllers (source).
    • 2020-01-01 [user report]
      • All preorders are fulfilled and G2 is in stock.
    • 2020-12-02 [user report]
      • Units have not came so far
    • 2020-11-10
      • HP has reportedly shipped first units, expected to arrive before the end of November.
  • (Arabic Emirates) Amazon AE
    • 2020-12-16 [reddit]
      • Amazon AE decided to canel all preorders (because they did not have delivery secured from HP).
      • Orders will be available when they get stock.
      • They expect a lot of stock second week of January.
    • 2020-12-13 [reddit]
      • Multiple people report having their orders cancelled because they were “unable to deliver”.
      • One of the reporters said he preordered in July.
      • They seem to be able to re-preorder.

Prescription lenses

If you have a visual impairment, there are three ways you can go:


You can still wear glasses under your headset, although some glasses might be too big or it might not work well with your head shape. If you don’t have huge glasses, you are usually fine. Just be careful not to scratch your lenses (both glasses and the headset).

Generally the maximum width of the glasses that can fit comfortably in the headset is around 14.3 cm (or 5.63 in).

Contact lenses

G2 can be used with contact lenses with absolutely no problems. If you are using them, you’re completely fine.

Prescription lenses inserts

You can also order prescription lenses that are made specifically to be inserted in your headset. This is the most comfortable way if you don’t want to use contact lenses and if you’re the only one using the headset (so you don’t have to remove them every time other people want to play).

These lenses must be made specifically for the G2, prescription lenses for other headsets will not fit.

Companies that make prescription lenses for the G2:

  • VR Optician
    • From 69 EUR
    • Shipping from EU/Germany worldwide
    • 70 USD
    • Shipping from US worldwide
    • Magnetic
    • From 50 USD, goes quickly up with (any) dioptries
    • Shipping from Hong Kong worldwide

What you need to know – for G2 customers

This article is a an overview of basic knowledge about the headset. It sums up what you need for VR, and what are the things you might want to buy extra.

Information about the HP Reverb G2

What do I need to have for G2?

See Headset requirements.

Is there anything else I might want to buy?

For improving your experience, you can buy a variety of accessories. We have an extensive list of accessories here. Here are the things that you might be interested the most:

  • Controllers require two AA batteries each. For the long run, it is more economical to buy rechargeable batteries. Be aware that the controllers will not work properly with standard rechargeable batteries. See our battery buying guide for more info.
  • Controller grips can improve your experience a lot – they prevent controller slipping and the knuckles-style strap is awesome.
  • If you want the top experience, you can get Valve Knuckles controllers, however that solution is quite expensive.
  • A cable pulley system is also a good idea. It prevents you from accidentally stepping over your cable (the one connecting the headset with the PC) and makes you forget about it.
  • I can recommend getting yourselves some sort of a floor mat (I’ve been using these foam puzzle pieces for little children) – it’s very comfortable to play on, plus id also doubles as a guardian system (you can feel with your feet when you’re going outside of the safe zone as you’re stepping out of the floor mat).
  • If you want the best experience possible and have a lot of money, consider getting Valve Index controllers with your HP Reverb G2 headset. Tapping has made an in-depth review of this setup.
  • DecaMove should release soon, which will probably be a very good and not that expensive addition to anyone’s VR accessories arsenal.
Foam floor mat

What should I know about setting up and using the headset?

  • Do not let direct sunlight shine on the lenses under any circumstances. It will burn the display in mere seconds due to the lenses.
  • Do not use wet wipes (or any wet stuff) for cleaning the lenses. Use dry microfiber cloth only.
  • See Headset info – Connecting the headset section for info on how and where you should connect the headset connectors.
  • Make sure you push the headset connector all the way in. See the Troubleshooting post, there is a picture on how it should look like. Many people were thinking their G2 is dead but it was just they did not push the connector in properly.
  • Do not disconnect the headset connector often, it is very brittle.
  • The recommended way to turn off your headset while not using it is just to disconnect the power brick (either from the breakout box or from the power).
  • If you are having problems with the headset, see the Troubleshooting post.
    • G2 has just released, so please be understanding that games might not yet be fully adjusted to it (you might need to use community controller bindings for example) and there might be some software issues.
    • Unfortunately a wrong batch of plastic cable clips got into production, so if your cable clip snaps, don’t worry. Just contact HP and they’ll send you a new one.
  • Microsoft has prepared a getting started guide for Windows Mixed Reality

What games can I run on the HP Reverb G2?

  • Reverb G2 runs on the Windows Mixed Reality platform (WMR). There are probably no games exclusive to this platform.
  • You can run SteamVR on WMR without any problems, meaning you can play any VR ready game available on Steam. See the Setting up post for more info on how to play games on Steam. There’s also an official SteamVR setup guide from Microsoft.
  • Then, there are Oculus Rift exclusives like Lone Echo, Asgard’s Wrath, Robo Recall or Stormland. You can play those using Revive until Facebook makes it not work. You will have to buy the games on the Oculus store using your Facebook account.
  • Then there are Oculus Quest/Quest 2 exclusives. You cannot run those anywhere else than on Oculus Quest devices.
  • There’s also vorpX which allows you to play selected games that do not support VR natively. This is however achieved with varying results and only limited to having a 3D screen in front of you.
  • Then you can also play flatscreen games on a virtual screen in VR using apps like Bigscreen. This is like putting a standard monitor in front of you, but you can make that monitor hella big!
  • There are also VR game subscription services such as VIVEPORT. This might be a good choice for VR newcomers as they can try out a lot of games this way for a significantly lower price than if they had to buy them all.

What games should I buy first?

Keep in mind this is only a personal recommendation. These games selected are awesome and friendly for VR newcomers. We recommend wishlisting them on steam and buying them in discount:

  • Beat Saber – A must have for any VR gamer
  • Superhot VR – Time only moves when you move, kill your enemies!
  • Half Life: Alyx – A VR masterpiece by Valve. This one doesn’t have many discounts, so don’t delay buying it.
  • The Lab by Valve (free) – A free experience with a variety of minigames.
  • GORN – You need quite a lot of playspace for that, and be very careful about not hurting yourself or destroying furniture. Really, be careful πŸ™‚
  • I Expect You To Die – Fun escape room-like game.
  • Pistol whip – Like Beat Saber, but with pistols. And makes you sweat more.
  • In Death – Roguelite bow shooting game with procedurally generated world.
    • Now that I have received my G2 unit, I must say it’s doesn’t really bode well with the G2. The archery tracking is buggy (although G2 should have better side tracking than my previous headset, Rift S), the G2 visuals are so good that you notice the game graphics are lacking plus it doesn’t have a decent bindings.
  • Space Pirate Trainer – Nice arcade shooter
  • Google Earth VR (free) – You can look on your house from above! Or fly all over the world. Not suitable as a first game to turn on though, it can easily make you sick.
  • Aircar (free) – A simple game where you fly in an aircar through a futuristic city.
  • Compound – This is not really for beginners because of its smooth locomotion, but when you grow your VR legs, definitely try out this gem with a lot of potential!

That’s all. Enjoy your VR experience πŸ™‚ If you’re wondering where to buy the G2, we have a list of distributors here.

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